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    • ELSI: The Finnish pension microsimulation model 

      Tikanmäki, Heikki; Lappo, Sampo
      Finnish Centre for Pensions, Reports : 08/2020 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 04.09.2020)
      This report is an overview of the structure and functionalities of the pension microsimulation model ELSI. Developed and maintained by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, ELSI is used to simulate the life courses of individuals ...
    • New methods in pension evaluation : Applications of trajectory analysis and dynamic microsimulation 

      Salonen, Janne
      Finnish Centre for Pensions : 02/2020 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 25.08.2020)
      This study gives an overview of two new methods in pension evaluation finite mixture modeling technique called trajectory analysis and dynamic microsimulation. Trajectory analysis and microsimulation can be used to study ...
    • Total pension in Finland 2021 : How are earnings-related pensions, national pensions and taxation determined? 

      Ritola, Suvi; Tuominen, Samuli
      Finnish Centre for Pension, Reports : 05/2021 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 08.06.2021)
      In this review, we bring together the components which affect the determination of the total pension in Finland in 2021. The amount of the take-home net pension is affected by how the earnings-related and national pension ...