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    • Earnings-related pension recipients in Finland 2020 

      Official Statistics of Finland: Social Protection 2021Statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions : 07/2021 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 27.08.2021)
      The publication includes statistics on Finnish earnings-related pension recipients, new retirees on an earnings-related pension and earnings-related pension expenditure. The data covers all private and public sector statutory ...
    • Eläkkeellesiirtymisikä Suomen työeläkejärjestelmässä 2018 

      Kannisto, Jari
      Eläketurvakeskuksen tilastoja : 03/2019 (Eläketurvakeskus, 17.04.2019)
      Julkaisussa tarkastellaan eläkkeellesiirtymisikää tätä tarkoitusta varten kehitetyn mittarin, eläkkeellesiirtymisiän odotteen, avulla. Julkaisussa esitetään eläkkeellesiirtymisiän odotteen määritelmä ja laskutapa sekä ...
    • Pension adequacy and sustainability : An evaluation of the Finnish pension system 

      Andersen, Torben M. (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 17.09.2021)
      An international and independent evaluation of the Finnish pension system conducted by Professor Torben M. Andersen (Aarhus University) at the request of the Finnish Centre for Pensions. Available only online.
    • Pension Indicators 2021 

      Finnish Centre for Pensions, Reports : 07 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 28.10.2021)
      This review has compiled the key indicators used in assessing pension policy. It offers a concise and comprehensible overview of the realised development of the length of working lives, pension levels and the estimated ...
    • Pocket Statistics 2021 

      Statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions : 4 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 29.06.2021)
      Pocket Statistics comprises key statistical data on pension provision. It also includes information on the overall social security and population of Finland. The publication is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • Research Programme of the Finnish Centre for Pensions 2015-2019 

      (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 27.02.2015)
      The research programme for the years 2015-2019 depicts the basis for and principles of our research. It shows that our research is directed towards important issues in terms of the near-future improvement of the pension ...
    • Retirement trajectories in the Netherlands and Finland : Institutional change, inequalities, de-standardisation and destabilisation 

      Riekhoff, Aart-Jan
      Finnish Centre for Pensions, Studies : 05/2018 (Eläketurvakeskus, 11.09.2018)
      This study approaches retirement as trajectories from work to old-age pension. Using detailed longitudinal register data from the Netherlands and Finland, it analyses sequences of income and labour market statuses in late ...
    • Statistical Yearbook of Pensioners in Finland 2020 

      Official Statistics of Finland: Social protection 2021Statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions 11/2021 (Finnish Centre for PensionsThe Social Insurance Institution of Finland, 28.10.2021)
      The publication contains information on all pension recipients and new retirees within the earnings-related and the national pension schemes, as well as of the pension expenditure.
    • Statutory Pensions in Finland : Long-term Projections 2019 

      Tikanmäki, Heikki; Lappo, Sampo; Merilä, Ville; Nopola, Tuija; Reipas, Kaarlo; Sankala, Mikko
      Finnish Centre for Pension, Reports : 07/2019 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 25.10.2019)
      The report presents the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ long-term projections regarding the development of statutory pensions from 2019 to 2085. The main focus of the report is on projections of earnings-related pensions. The ...
    • The Research Programme of the Finnish Centre for Pensions 2020-2024 

      (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 02.04.2020)
      The Research Programme of the Finnish Centre for Pensions for the period 2020-2024 depicts the focal areas of our research and directs our research towards issues that are crucial for the development of pension provision. ...
    • Total pension in Finland 2021 : How are earnings-related pensions, national pensions and taxation determined? 

      Ritola, Suvi; Tuominen, Samuli
      Finnish Centre for Pension, Reports : 05/2021 (Finnish Centre for Pensions, 08.06.2021)
      In this review, we bring together the components which affect the determination of the total pension in Finland in 2021. The amount of the take-home net pension is affected by how the earnings-related and national pension ...