Artikkelit - Selaus asiasanan mukaan "health"

    • Changes in healthy and unhealthy working life expectancies among older working-age people in Finland, 2000–2017 

      Laaksonen, Mikko; Elovainio, Marko; Kainulainen, Sakari; Leinonen, Taina; Jääskeläinen, Tuija; Rissanen, Harri; Koskinen, Seppo
      European Journal of Public Health : 5 (Oxford university press, 07.10.2022)
      Background Raising the statutory retirement age has been a common policy response to population ageing, but health problems may restrict labour force participation in older ages. We examined the development of healthy and ...
    • Health shocks and couples’ labor market participation: A turning point or stuck in the trajectory? 

      Riekhoff, Aart-Jan; Vaalavuo, Maria
      Social Science & Medicine (Elsevier, 22.03.2021)
      A health shock can have lasting consequences for the employment of not only the individuals experiencing it, but also their spouses. In this article, we complement the individual approach to the impact of health shocks ...
    • Incentives, Health, and Retirement: Evidence from a Finnish Pension Reform 

      Ollonqvist, Joonas; Kotakorpi, Kaisa; Laaksonen, Mikko; Martikainen, Pekka; Pirttilä, Jukka; Tarkiainen, Lasse
      VATT Working Papers (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus, 05.07.2021)
      We analyse the effects of changes in retirement incentives on retirement behaviour, and in particular whether individuals' health status modifes the effects of retirement incentives. We study these issues in the context ...